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Add Some Korean Flavour Into Your Life

Korean madness goes world-wide. When we say add some Korean flavor into your life, we mean F-O-O-D. Don’t wonder why Korean dishes are a major hit. It has all the flavor that foodies are looking for. It got the spice, the texture, and the crazy side dishes that give you a wide variety of food to eat. Needless to say, Korean dishes are ridiculously good. If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out. We are not exaggerating this. Try something new and don’t be afraid to add flavor and spice into your life.

Ready for the Best Part?

Let’s play with some chemistry. Have you heard about food fusion? Sounds fancy, isn’t it? It’s like experimenting, but the only difference is we don’t do this at the lab. It happens right in the kitchen. Jungsik Dang brings you the best Korean food fusions ever invented. If you are tired of the regular menu, bring your online relatie starten at our restaurant. Explore Korean dishes that will completely blow your mind. Our restaurant is a daring one. Who wants to be ordinary anyway? Visit us at our restaurant and be amazed at how tasty Korean dishes can be.


Elements of Our Food

Jungsik Dang is your go-to restaurant if you are looking for something new. Fusing food can be fun, but we also keep in mind to put balance in our food. To put it into words: we let our creativity soar high without doing injustice to the food.

Jaemiitda (재미있다 )

“Jaemiitda” means fun. It can also be used as a word for “exciting”. The whole point of building this restaurant surrounds in fun. We did it because we love it. Boring will be the last word you would think of if you have tried our dishes. The set up of the restaurant is leaning towards the comfortable side. We want our customers to feel free, relax, and enjoy the food the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

Geonganghan (건강한)

“Geonganghan “means healthy. Food meant to nourish our body, so we let you conquer the best of worlds with our delicious yet healthy dishes. We have dishes curated for people who are suffering from constipation and other digestive problems. If you like Korean skincare, you should start eating healthy. As you enjoy our dishes, you are also doing your health a huge favour. So instead of opting fast food, why don’t you visit us and taste real food?

Mas-issneun (맛있는)

“Mas-issneun” means delicious. What is food if they are not delicious? Jungsik Dang incorporate different spices from Korea and from other countries. And with our amazing cooking skills, we will create the perfect harmony between these spices and ingredients. Your taste buds will be stoked out of happiness. You don’t believe us? Go ahead and give us a try.

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